Shopping at Strøget, Copenhagen

Where to Shop in Copenhagen

Come and shop in Copenhagen! You’ll find clusters of trade and shops dotted around the city, which makes looking for something in particular even easier and brings you to some of Copenhagen’s most interesting parts.

Amalienborg Castle


This grand street runs past the royal palace of Amalienborg and contains the city’s finest antique art and furniture dealers. Pick up classics from Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl and many others here.

Kongens Nytorv

Kongens Nytorv

The area in and around Kongens Nytorv (The King’s New Square) buzzes with cutting-edge Danish fashion brands and interior design shops. You’ll find Bang and Olufsen’s flagship store here. Please note that a new metro line is currently being built here, so it is not possible to access the square itself at present.



A charming and quieter alternative to Strøget runs one street behind it and contains unique jewellery, clothing and interior boutiques, as well as lovely cafés to take a break in.



One of Copenhagen's coolest streets right now sits at the edge of Assisten's Churchyard where Hans Christian Andersen is buried. Full of cafés, second-hand and other curiosity shops.

Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter

On the other side of Copenhagen University, the area on and around Larsbjørnsstræde is a hub for avant-garde, underground and up-and-coming labels.

Marlene Birger


A stroll around this street and its surrounds will take you past the windows of some of Denmark’s biggest new names in fashion, such as Marlene Birger.



Copenhagen's main shopping street is the longest pedestrian street in the world. It's also the place to pick up big brands, both Danish and international, and to visit well-known department stores such as Illum and Magasin.



The streets around Copenhagen University are the place to head for new and antique bookshops or to sit in a café and relax with a good read.



This district next to the lakes has some lovely small boutiques, exclusive to Copenhagen, as well as the up-and-coming Danish design powerhouse, Normann.



A cosy area with many small boutiques. Head to this district to grab a bargain on Royal Copenhagen Porcelain at the Royal Copenhagen factory outlet shop located in the old factory from the late 1800s.



This area, previously a little rough around the edges, is now the trendiest part of the city. Head to Istegade and its side streets for small, edgy boutiques.

CPH Airport

The Airport

If you didn’t have a chance to grab what you wanted in the city, Copenhagen Airport has an excellent selection of Copenhagen’s biggest brands, so you can pick up what you need before you board.

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