5 reasons for Copenhagen's high quality of life

Copenhagen is a really green city! It's been voted Europe's Green Capital for 2014 by the European Environment Commission. So this is one place you can visit and leave with a clean conscience, as well as a smile!

Cargo bike

One of the world’s most environmentally friendly cities

Denmark was the first country in the world to implement an environmental law and ever since, the environment has played a large part in city planning. Copenhagen has set a target of having 40% of its residents cycle to and from work by 2012 and is very close – 36% of Copenhagen residents cycle to and from work.

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On your bike

Every day 1.1 million km are bicycled in Copenhagen. It’s not just the commute – Copenhageners cycle everywhere, from shopping trips and nights out to visits to friends. As a visitor to the city, it’s easy to saddle up and cycle with the flow, thanks to the groundbreaking free city bikes which have been on offer in Copenhagen since 1995.

The city is relatively small and attractions are concentrated in and around the centre, making it easy to cycle around. You will immediately feel at ease, cycling around the city on the safe bike lanes, separated from the road traffic.

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