5 reasons for Copenhagen's high quality of life

When you visit Copenhagen you quickly get stuck for that special atmosphere that makes the city so unique. A city adapted for cyclists, with fantastic green areas and parks, clean bathing areas in the middle of the city and lots of 'hygge'. Here are some simple tips on how you can maximize your quality of life when you visit Copenhagen.

The cycling city

Every day 1.3 million km are bicycled in Copenhagen. It’s not just the commute – Copenhageners cycle everywhere, from shopping trips and nights out to visits to friends. As a visitor to the city, it’s easy to saddle up and cycle with the flow, thanks to the groundbreaking free city bikes which have been on offer in Copenhagen since 1995.

The city is relatively small and attractions are concentrated in and around the centre, making it easy to cycle around. You will immediately feel at ease, cycling around the city on the safe bike lanes, separated from the road traffic. 

Jump in our outdoor swimming pools

The harbour area of Copenhagen has undergone enormous regeneration over the last few decades, with big investments in making sure it is as clean as possible. As a result, you can swim in the harbour and enjoy some of the best natural swimming waters in the whole of Europe. The outdoor baths at Islands Brygge are extremely popular in the summer and are well known for their distinctive design. There are also several nice sea baths and beaches in the Copenhagen area, such as Amager Strand and the beaches near Østerbro and Hellerup. 

Park life

Copenhagen is one of the world’s greenest cities and it’s never far to the next relaxing park. As well as beautiful city parks such as The King’s Garden (Kongens Have) in the grounds of Rosenborg Palace and Frederiksberg Garden (Have), a short cycle ride north or south of the city will bring you out into unspoilt nature. The atmospheric Deer Park at Klampenborg lies just north of the city and the way there is lined with beaches and stunning coastal views. To the south is the vast open expanse of Amager Common (Amager Fælled) covered in walking and cycle routes.

One word: Hygge!

Hygge is an important part of the Danish lifestyle that contributes to well-being and to the fact that Danes are one of the happiest peoples in the world. Hygge is as Danish as pork roast and smørrebrød and can almost be described as a cozy and warm atmosphere where you take the time to enjoy the good in life together with people you like. Here you will find tips on where to find the cove in Copenhagen.

Public transport that takes you everywhere

Copenhagen has a well-developed public transport system, which means less cars and more space to breath in the city centre. A second ring of the city’s underground metro system is currently underway, which you’ll be able to use in the summer of 2019. Until then, you can enjoy great service from the city’s busesmetro and S-trains

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Did you know...?

... that 62% of Copenhagen residents cycling to and from work!