5 Easy Ways to Have More Hygge in Your Life


1. Candles

No matter what season it is, always have some candles about. In the winter, you'll find Danes burning them all day long to create a cosy, welcoming lighting for the room and in summer they come in handy for light once the long days come to an end. You just can't have hygge without candles! 



2. Invite friends and family for a meal

The easiest way to hygge is probably something you already are doing! It's simply spending time with friends and family around a shared meal. No matter whether it's dinner, lunch, or breakfast, as long as there's food, drinks, and cheer. It can be any food, and almost any setting. The important part is that everyone is enjoying themselves and each other's company. Candles are great here, too. Pro tip: Leave the phones in another room so everyone is encouraged to be present!


Couple on beach

3. Go for a long walk

No matter the weather, Danes love to go for walks outside. Maybe it's a walk in a park, or along a beach, or just a nice stroll down the block for a coffee from the local cafe. Just bring a walking companion and let your conversations wander. That is definitely "hyggeligt."


Family hygge

4. Read a book or watch a movie

A great way to check out of everyday stresses and have some quality hygge time is to read a nice book or watch a movie. Any fun book or silly movie will do. Just light a candle or two (again), find a warm, cosy blanket, and you're ready to go. 


Holiday house

5. Make your home hygge!

A little extra attention to your living space can add a lot of hygge to your everyday life. Danes love smart, minimal, and intentional design. "Less is more" is the unofficial motto. So when thinking about how to make your home more hygge, ask yourself, "Does this area, piece of furniture, or item make me more relaxed or cosy?" If not, consider moving it or giving it away! 

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