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Aarhus 2017: European Capital of Culture

In 2017, Aarhus will be the European Capital of Culture with the main theme ‘RETHINK’. Throughout 2017, four MEGA events and 12 Full Moon events will be structured around a matrix of programmes which have all been gathered to strengthen the themes of liveability, gastronomy, nature, sport and play, history, belief and generations.

MEGA events and Full Moon events are spectacular outdoor, large-scale and cross-art form performances. Additionally, Aarhus and the Central Denmark Region has been awarded European Region of Gastronomy 2017 and therefore, Aarhus will be hosting unique gastronomic events throughout the year with the ambition to ‘Rethink Good Food’.

Aarhus – one of Lonely Planet’s favourite Europe getaways

In 2016, Aarhus was ranked as the second best destination to visit in Europe by Lonely Planet. The city is known as the ‘City of smiles’ and with good reason, as it has multiple times been ranked one of the happiest cities in the world. In Aarhus, you can find world class museums, Michelin-starred restaurants cooking the best from the New Nordic cuisine, a beautiful coastline and an array of fascinating festivals. It is Scandinavia’s most stylish city for shopping and no less that a food heaven. The city has a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, which can be felt all the way from the streets in the old Latin Quarter to the cafés by the city centre canal. In short, Aarhus has something for everyone.

Tree of Codes, Aarhus 2017


Highlights to explore during European Capital of Culture 2017

The list of cultural events taking place in Aarhus next year is long, but some of the highlights are:

• Red Serpent: The Danish Royal Theatre performing a Viking tale on the roof of Moesgaard Museum

• The Garden: A great new international art project, stretching more than 4 km launched by ARoS

• Tree of Codes: A modern ballet by Olafur Eliasson – the man behind Your Rainbow Panorama in ARoS

• The Bier Trilogy: Rethinking three of Susanne Bier’s movies for the stage

• Nothing: The Danish National Opera performing the prizewinning novel by Janne Teller

• Symphonic residents and Origins2017: Performing the 20th century through music

• Erasmus Montanus: Aarhus Theatre performing Holberg’s play with a sharp twist

• Complexity of Belonging: A daring, politically charged dance and theatre work

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