Are you looking for a quaint country hotel or something on a grander scale? A designer city pad or a seaside retreat? Hotels in Denmark come in all shapes and sizes!

Boutique hotels Denmark

Unforgettable Design and Boutique Hotels

In Denmark you will find boutique and design hotels, where everything is carefully handpicked in order to create a certain style and aesthetic.

Castle hotels Denmark

Castle and Manor House Hotels

Treat yourself like a royalty while experiencing history and culture by staying in one of Denmark’s many castles and manor house hotels.


In Danish hostels you can stay reasonably cheap in private rooms, family rooms or shared dorms depending on availability and budget. 

Summer house Denmark

Danish Holiday Cottages

From iconically Danish cottages off the beaten track to luxurious beach houses, Denmark has a house with a view just waiting to be lived in.

Central Hotel & Cafe

Wake Up at the World's Smallest Hotel

Stay in the smallest hotel in the world, the Central Hotel & Cafe. 

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts

Experience unique Danish culture at its most personal at Denmark's numerous bed and breakfasts. Book ahead or drop in on your drive past!

Camping in Denmark

Camping in Denmark

Campsite standards tend to be very high in Denmark, with well-maintained facilities, great security and plenty of space for individual units.