Family Holidays

Denmark is heaven for family holidays. It’s incredibly safe and relaxed and you're never far from the next great experience. All across the country you’ll find a wide variety of family-friendly accommodation, accessible restaurants, efficient services, and welcoming staff. From world-renowned attractions like Legoland, to unique experiences like ghostly tours of castle dungeons or a week in a prairie wagon, Denmark has something for the whole family.

Top 10 for kids

Top 10 activities for kids

Here's a quick and easy guide to Denmark's ten most popular attractions for children. 

The hammer, Denmark

10 exhilarating outdoor adventures

If you love the outdoors there are plenty of unique outdoor activities in Denmark, from porpoise watching to fossil hunting. 

Tivoli Boys Guard

Copenhagen attractions for kids

From planetariums to the royal jewels, and so much more, Copenhagen is a treasure trove of experiences for children.

Tivoli Gardens

As one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, you'll discover a truly unique atmosphere in the Gardens.

Budget holiday

Budget holiday

Free attractions and activities are plentiful in Denmark. Check out our list of cool ways to experience Denmark on the cheap. 

Louisiana Museum Denmark

Top Museums in Denmark

Old and new, Avante Garde and classic, here are Denmark's best museums.