Cycling in Denmark

The world’s cycling destination

Denmark is a country made for cyclists. The country is criss-crossed by over 12,000km of sign-posted cycle routes, taking you through gentle terrain and inspirational nature. There are short distances between sites and amenities and lots of opportunities to stop off and recharge your batteries.

Children cycling

The whole country at your feet

The furthest you can cycle from the sea is 50km, so coastal adventures are never far away. Towns have safe cycle paths and it’s easy to join in with the locals and cycle between shops, cafes and nightlife. And if your feet are in need of a short break, you can bring your bike onto trains all over the country.


Two-wheeled culture

Danes love to cycle and most own a bike. In fact, a third of people working in Copenhagen commute by bike. Whether you are planning a cycling holiday in Copenhagen or the rest of the country, you’ll find that two wheels are one of the best ways to experience the landscape, culture and people of Denmark.

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Cycling in Denmark

With over 12,000km of sign-posted cycle routes, gentle terrain, inspirational nature and short distances between amenities, you’d be hard pressed to find a better cycling destination than Denmark.