IMAGINATION– Discover the Danish Spirit

IMAGINATION – Discover the Danish Spirit is a fantastic three-week showcase celebrating the best of Danish culture, lifestyle, food and design. VisitDenmark welcome you all to discover what Denmark has to offer between 27 July – 12 August at St Katharine Docks in the heart of London.
Monday, July 2, 2012

IMAGINATION is a fantastic, free 17 day showcase celebrating the best of Danish culture, lifestyle, food and design and VisitDenmark welcomes you all to discover what Denmark has to offer.

A small country but a big experience awaits you…

27 - 29 July 

Denmark is….great food and drink
We are kicking off our showcase by offering you some great treats to taste and buy; from traditional Danish pastries to mouth-watering smørrebrød and hot dogs. Yes, the humble hot dog is loved by all Danes and the Danish meat producer, Danish Crown is bringing a traditional Danish hot dog stand and handing out free hot dogs. Expect long queues, but it is worth waiting for.

Denmark has for the last three years been the home of the best restaurant in the world. With this fine attribute, Copenhagen is well and truly on the international gourmet map, so to find out what this New Nordic Cuisine is all about, we have invited some top Danish chefs to teach you how to do it through demonstrations and talks. But prepare to be involved as you will get a chance to cook with these inspiring chefs and make the dishes yourself.

30 July - 3 August

Denmark is…..a fairy tale country

From 30 July – 3 August you can experience the father of fairy tales, when a Hans Christian Andersen pavilion invites you to use your imagination. The famous poet and author has been a part of every Dane’s childhood, and at IMAGINATION you can experience the fairy tale world being brought to live with an actor performing the tales, face painting, movies, giant jigsaw puzzles and much more from the magic world of fairy tales.

4 – 5 August

Denmark is…fun and games!

Children of all ages are invited to 2 days of building fun with LEGO® bricks, competitions, exhibitions of the stadiums in Stratford and a 7 metre tall LEGO wind turbine – the world’s tallest Lego wind turbine. We are also welcoming visitors to help building the famous Danish Skagen painting ”Hip Hip Hurra” in Lego mosaic bricks.

6 - 8 August

Denmark is…the home of the Vikings
Yes, they are coming back so watch out. As per usual, they are bringing their favourite mode of transport – a replica this time, of a real 17.3 meter long Viking ship from the Roskilde Viking Museum. A great opportunity for young and old to learn about Viking life and history, and of course to hop on board the fully armed ship and have your photo taken with a real Danish Viking. 25 Vikings are taken over St Katharine Docks and they will be doing street theatre and re-enactments, fashions shows, concerts, Viking handicraft and traditional Viking activities like rope pulling. There is even a real Viking tattooist performing his traditional art on a brave Viking.

27 July – 12 August

Denmark is…the country of cool design
Denmark is the epicentre of clever and trendy design. Come and visit IMAGINATION and be inspired by the best of Danish sustainable architecture, timeless interior design, tasteful jewelleries and green bicycles. We also put up an authentic Danish holiday cottage, sail in a state of the art houseboat and build a complete LEGO replica of the sports venues from in and around London.

Be a part of the Danish spirit

This is not a come and look event. This is a fun and interactive event, where you will try out new things, trickle your senses and be inspired by everything Denmark has to offer. VisitDenmark welcomes everybody to use your imagination and experience Denmark and its people.

They say that the Danes are the happiest people in the world, so come along and join us and find out why!

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Spotlight days

27 July: Opening Ceremony

27 – 29 July: Imagine a world of food

30 July - 3 August: Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale world

4 - 5 August: LEGO® activities, the world's favourite toy!

6 – 8 August: The Vikings are coming!

9 - 12 August: Performing Arts: Showdance, Hip Hop and Rock ’n’ Roll

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