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Free attractions in Denmark

If you want to get free entry to museums, read on! Here’s a free and budget experiences to Denmark’s many attractions. You can also learn how to do sightseeing at no cost!

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Free attractions in Denmark

Many of Denmark’s big attractions are accessible all year round and usually free of charge, for example the majority of churches, statues, ancient monuments and historical ruins. Many castles and manor houses offer free entry to the adjacent gardens and grounds so you can go sightseeing without forking out the cash.
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Galleries and craftsmen also open to the public without charge, but many are only open in the summer months. If you are interested in architecture Denmark offers plenty of free experiences, and in recent years many new and interesting buildings have been erected throughout the country, in addition to the classic architecture to be found everywhere.
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Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek


All national museums in Denmark operate with a free entry policy for persons aged below 18. Adults have free entry to the National Gallery of Denmark (permanent collections), the National Museum of Denmark, the Open Air Museum, the Danish Music Museum and the Post and Telegraph Museum, all in Copenhagen. Other national institutions have special free-for-adults days. They include:

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen (Sundays)
The Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen (Wednesdays)
Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry, Hørsholm (Wednesdays)
Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen (Wednesdays)
Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen (Wednesdays, 5pm to 9pm)
Museum of Copenhagen, Copenhagen (Fridays)

There are many other museums across the country with special free-entry days. Just check with the local tourist office.
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Discount sightseeing

If you wish to visit several attractions within a short space of time, it is worth considering buying the so-called sightseeing or advantage cards, which typically give free or discounted access to select attractions and often even free transport.
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Guided tour, Ribe

Free guides

If you are visiting Ebeltoft, Odense or Ribe you can join one of the town crier’s walks and get a free introduction to the history of the city. In Copenhagen in the summer months you can join a New Copenhagen Tours guided walk in the city, lasting some three hours. The guides are volunteers and you decide how much you think they should get paid. Another option is to join one of the museum of Copenhagen’s free city walks, which take place every Sunday from May until September.

An alternative, non-guided tour around Copenhagen can be had if you buy a two-zone ticket and jump on bus 11 or the harbour bus. Both lines pass by several of the major landmarks and districts in Copenhagen, one by land and from the sea.

In several major cities you can also pick up free podcasts and podwalks for your smartphones and let them guide you through the town. Search the web or contact the local tourist office to see if they offer that service. Danish Architecture Centre, for example, has made a series of interesting podwalks that you can download from their website.

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