Explore Denmark's wild side on this dramatic island

Denmark's Baltic Gem

Denmark's easternmost island in the Baltic sea, Bornholm is a sight to behold. The island receives many hours of sunshine and its extraordinary light has a long history of attracting artists. This slow-paced, friendly place is the only place in Denmark where you can walk craggy, granite coastline. Known for pure, white beaches, you can enjoy a unique island culture of round churches, regional delecacies, and quaint fishing villages, all among postcard-perfect scenery. 

Bornholm's Art Museum

Culture And Heritage

See why Bornholm is known for arts, crafts, and gastronomy, as well as its round churches and bronze age sites. 

Culinary Specialties

Bornholm is most known for its exceptional smoked fish, fresh produce, and a thriving gastronomic scene. 


Quaint Fishing Villages

Tour the island's picturesque seaside villages.

Bornholm's Round Churches

The Round Churches

Both Baltic fortresses and places of worship, Bornholm's round churches are fascinating windows back in time.