Copenhagen's Fortifications

The many fortifications around Copenhagen, which together constitute Copenhagen’s Fortifications ("Københavns Befæstning"), offer lots of exciting experiences for children and adults alike.

About 200 years ago when England attacked Copenhagen, a new fortification was established in Copenhagen. Since then, the ring has remained unnoticed and forgotten as a hidden oasis around the city.

Now, the fortifications are brought back to life, and locals and visitors can look forward to experiencing an interesting part of Danish national history combined with experiences of culture and nature.

The presence of history in beautiful surroundings

Bring a picnic basket and jump off the Harbour bus at the Trekroner fortification where you can experience a historical exhibition or bring a flashlight and explore the cold basement - if you dare.

The Ejbybunker opens 12 September

Or visit the Ejbybunker, a bunker that has been in use until 2005. From 12 September you can visit a new interctive exhibition here.

It is uncertain what the Danish defense forces' purpose with the bunker has been, but something must have been going on in those underground passages. 

If you understand Danish you can download an app for you smart phone and try the game "Lost in time". 

Combine with a trip to the beach

At the fortification Charlottenlund Fort you can enjoy an icecream at the beach or talk a walk along the ramparts, enjoy the view and inspect the old guns.

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