Cruises in Denmark

Denmark is one of Europe's top cruise destinations. Copenhagen has been rated Europe's Leading Cruise Port by the World Travel Awards several times. Other renowned Danish cruise destinations include Aarhus, Elsinore, Skagen and Bornholm.

Denmark is perfectly located for cruises in and around Scandinavia, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Cruise Langelinie

Cruise Copenhagen

Copenhagen is an ideal port for cruise ships. The relative small size of Denmark's capital, coupled with modern and efficient public transport, means that everything is within easy reach and visitors can get much more out of a day excursion than in many other big cruise destinations across the world. Many cruise ships alight at Langelinie Quay where the famous Little Mermaid lives.

Cruise Aarhus

The Danish archipelago

The Danish archipelago consists of some 400 lush islands and is home to a wealth of picturesque towns rich in history and each with their own subtle but unique culture. More and more cruise operators now offer trips around the Danish archipelago, and if you’re looking for some outstanding natural beauty coupled with cosy fishing villages, bustling waterfront cities, great seafood and interesting arts and crafts, your journey should start here.

Popular cruise ports


-Copenhagen Cruise Terminal


-Copenhagen Freeport Terminal

-Frederikshavn Harbour

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Råbjerg Mile in North Jutland, Denmark

Destinations in Denmark

Have a look at the different Danish regions and all the wonderful things they have to offer!