Danish Design

Danish design is known the world over and Denmark has been a leading nation in the design field for decades. From Danish furniture to Danish fashion and Danish toys, Denmark continues to produce world-renowned design classics. Starting in the 1950s with design legends such as Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner, the Danish design tradition has developed into a strong international brand. Scandinavian, and in particular Danish design has become synonymous with timeless style. So if you like interior design, furniture and fashion, you’ll love Denmark. 

Danish design icons

Denmark is known worldwide for its many great designers and design icons. Read our guide on how you can get your hands on these Danish gems. 

Shopping for Danish design at Normann Copenhagen

Shopping for Danish design in Copenhagen

The best places in Copenhagen, where you can get your hands on Danish design products.


LEGO® – the world's favourite toy

Loved by children and adults wordlwide, LEGO® has become one of the most well-known and treasured Danish brands. 

Design tour

Design tour of Denmark

Follow the trail of great designers past and present across the country.

Bella Sky

Design and boutique hotels

Boutique hotels are all about individuality and relaxation in style where everything is handpicked to create a certain aesthetic.

The Killing

Dress like Sarah Lund!

From the black and white Faroese jumper that made her famous to her later red numbers, Sarah Lund has showcased Danish fashion across the world. Here's how you can dress like Sarah Lund...