Shopping in Denmark

Come and shop in Denmark, one of the hottest design nations on the planet. From a rich design history, led by legends such as Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner, Denmark’s design sector has grown into a world-leader. From homeware to fashion, Denmark is an incredible place to pick up unique, cutting-edge products or to find that perfect Scandinavian gift. Beautiful shopping streets await in cities across the country, offering international and Danish brands. So pack your shopping bags and don’t forget your wallet!


Louisiana Museum

Shop for Danish design in Copenhagen

The best places in Copenhagen, where you can get your hands on Danish design products.

Danish design brands

Denmark's biggest design brands

Explore the Danish brands defining Denmark's effortless sense of style.

Danish fashion

Danish fashion

Keep an eye out for these hot Danish names and fashion labels, making their mark at home and abroad.

Danish furniture design

Danish design

Danish design is known the world over and Denmark has been a leading nation in the design field for decades. 

Shopping at Strøget, Copenhagen

Where to shop in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a lot to offer, including its many shopping opportunities, where you among others can get your hands on world-famous Danish design and fashion items. Learn about which areas and streets of Copenhagen are worth exploring, when visiting the capital of Denmark. 

Shopping in Aarhus

Aarhus has everything from vintage and second-hand clothes to the latest fashion by great designers.