Viking market

Follow the Vikings - The everyday life

The everyday life of a Viking was all about obtaining food and shelter. This was no different for the children who worked and did not go to school. Everything that a child needed to know it learned by doing as the adults did.

The Viking life

The Vikings were farmers and traders and the women took care of the household. The traveler Ibn Fadlan has explained that the Vikings traded like normal merchants, but tales from Christian monks explain how Vikings stole, plundered and captured people to use as slaves.

The smith was one of the most important people in the Viking society. He created tools and weapon for the others and findings near Ribe indicate how iron made goods was a big commodity. In Ribe findings also show how the Vikings worked with amber, bone, silver and bronze.

In Ribe silver coins was used as payment and findings clearly indicated how this was a busy market place used by the Vikings. Ribe thus quickly became a true Viking town – a town which you today can experience through a visit to Ribe VikingeCenter or the museum Ribes Vikinger.

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Follow the Vikings

'Follow the Vikings' is a collection of ten small educational pieces on Vikings, published in Danish by The ten pieces are all linked with historical Viking sites in Denmark and therefore allow you to both figuratively and literally follow the Vikings.

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