The Viking king at Jorvik

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Gorm the Old, Harald Bluetooth, Sweyn Forkbeard, and Cnut the Great. These are just some of the famous Danish Viking kings.


Viking Kings

Especially Sweyn and Cnut had connections with England as Sweyn after 27 years of trying succeeded in becoming King of England in 1013. However, his reign was short, as he was killed shortly after. His son Cnut the Great, however, through marriage of the English successor was able to gain control over England in 1016. Cnut is called 'the Great' as his kingdom covered England, Denmark and Norway.

Being a Viking king did not necessarily mean that you ruled a great kingdom and graves of lesser known kings have been found in Denmark. One such example is at Glavendrup on the Danish island of Funen, where a runestone is raised in memory of Alle, a Viking king of a small people likely called "Sølverne". He was nevertheless important among his people, which is evident on the stone's inscription warning that people who would destroy or move his stone would become "ræde". The actual meaning of the word "ræde" remains unclear, but experts agree that it is something you do not want to become.

Today you can visit the runestones raised by Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth at Jelling or see the Runestone of King Alle's memory at Glavendrup and get a feeling of life as a Viking King.

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