Viking fortress in Trelleborg

Follow the Vikings - The Viking Castle

In the late 1000th century the Viking king Harald Bluetooth unified and rearmed Denmark. As a part of this armament he constructed circular castles around the country, their likes never seen anywhere else in the world


Viking Castles

We have for more than 60 years believed that four of these castles existed in Denmark. In 2014, archaeologists, however discovered the remains of a fifth castle near the city Køge. The excavation of the castle is naturally in its very early stages, but it is hoped that this new find can shed even more light on the castles, Harald Bluetooth and the Viking life.

Trelleborg is the most famous of these castles with a diameter of 136 meters within a 17 meter wide mound made from grass, stone and clay covered by an 8 meter high wooden palisade.

Around 500 people lived at Trelleborg and though the castle was built for war, most of the time at the castle was spend doing everyday work and training. There are, however, trails of fightning at Trelleborg and the remains show arrows in the mound and attempts to set fire to the gates. Further three mass graves tell the tale of war.

Harald Bluetooth's ring castles were spread across the country. Today you can experience the castle at Trelleborg and together with the museum and the activities taking place at the castle experience a true Viking castle. Aggersborg in Aggersund is another of these great circular fortresses.

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Follow the Vikings

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Viking Castles
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