The Viking ships in Roskilde

Follow the Vikings - Viking Ships

The Vikings were able to build magnificent ships that allowed them to travel far and rule great areas.

Viking ship

The Viking Ships

In the Viking age, the easiest way of transportation was by ship and the contact between one end of Denmark to the other was only made possible by ship. The Viking ships also allowed for both trade and war to be expanded to for instance England.

Vikings thus depended on their different kind of ships. There was the long and slender war ships built for speed and the broader and bigger trading ships built to transport goods.

More than 50 years ago, 5 Viking ships were found at the bottom of Roskilde Fjord. Two trade ships, two war ships and one fishing boat was in the Viking time deliberately sunk and placed in the fjord to force enemy ships on a particular and more easily defendable route through the fjord.

Today these ships have been recovered and through more than 25 years work of puzzling the pieces together, the ships have been assembled once again. At the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde you can see these five ships along with many other exiting exhibitions of the Viking life at sea.

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Viking Ships in Roskilde
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