The Forest Route

The Forest Route has two different starting points, one by the parking ground in Mollerup Skov by Skejbyvej (A) and one by the dog training facilities of DCH on Viengevej (B). From one of the starting points, the route takes you through Mollerup Skov, past the golf course and further on to Kirkestien. From the other starting point, you follow the paths south of Egå Engsø/Meadow Lake to Terp.

The Forest Route in Aarhus

The two routes meet in the small village of Terp and from here, you follow the old church path past Lisbjerg Kirke/Church to Lisbjerg Skov/Wood. It is also possible to plan a walking tour between the two starting points – from A to B.
The Forest Route is only partly suitable for bikes. On the other hand, it is possible to go on the tour with a pushchair if you use a little extra energy. The Forest Route is a 10,7 kilometres roundtrip from starting point A, 11 kilometres roundtrip from starting point B and 6,3 kilometres from A to B.

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