Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle Instagrammed with @daysofmrgray

We asked Copenhagen-based Instagrammer @daysofmrgray to take a half-day trip to Frederiksborg Castle, just a short train ride from central Copenhagen. The castle and surrounding grounds have plenty to see in a morning or afternoon, including the Museum of National History and baroque gardens. So whether you come for history, architecture, art, or just a picnic in the gardens, you're in for a treat at one of the top attractions just outside Copenhagen. Follow along with Mr Gray's adventure below.

A royal affair! 

"The symmetry in the outside gardens is extremely satisfying to just gawk at. Whenever surround by symmetry, I want to be able to capture it so that other people can see it from the perspective I could. In this case that meant wading through the water, dodging the fountains and getting a couple of funny looks!"

Dressing for success

"The thing I always struggle with when I visit historical sights is trying to get some form of context, whether it be the way people lived, survived or, in this case, dressed. Being able to see the sheer size of this dress put into perspective how much time it must have taken to get prepared for the day, and how we've moved away from big and dramatic dress to smaller and more simplistic."

A room fit for a king (or two)

"What's not to like about this room, beautiful wooden floors, the soft red walls and the fantastic ceiling? Putting aside the stunning painting that centres the room, the sheer detail of the carvings are so intrinsic that I found myself following the path it creates around the room. I had to remind myself to look ahead so as not to bump into people and more importantly the furniture."


Portraits abound

"Have you ever been in a situation when you start to whisper to someone and they immediately mimic you and whisper back? Well, this is what is happening here with the lady, mimicking the prince’s pose. Mimicry is contagious. Don't miss the current portraits exhibition where you can see portraits of the British and Danish royal families painted by Ralph Heimans." 

Pomp and circumstance

"I was nearly unable to get into the church as there was a wedding going on. Initially, I thought I might be able to sneak in as another wedding photographer but used my better judgment to wait out their special day in this incredible setting." 

The other Danish design

"What I love about these rooms are that they are such contrast to current Danish design which follows the ‘less is more’ approach. This, on the other hand, is decadent, loud and opulent, while most Danish homes today are much more understated.

Picnic, anyone?

"My moment in the spotlight, albeit turned away from the camera. Would be more than happy camping on the lawn for the day with a bottle (or two) of wine, enjoying the view and focusing on nothing."

Off the beaten path

"What I personally love about exploring new parts of the country is going off the beaten path (although full disclosure there was a path around the lake) to take in locations and sights from different angles. This small pier is an ideal place to get a panoramic view of the grounds." 

Bird's eye

"And a final bird's eye view from another angle. This one really gives us an idea of why this castle was built where it was. With water on most sides and limited entrances, trying to siege this castle would have required substantial effort (or scuba gear)!"

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Frederiksborg Castle and the Museum of National History

Official website

Distance from Copenhagen 
45 mins - 1 hour

Opening hours 
Monday to Sunday 
10-17 ( March 24 - October 31)
11-15 (November 1 - March 23)

Adults: 75 DKK
Children (6-15 years): 20 DKK
Students: 60 DKK
Senior citizens (65+): 60 DKK

@daysofmrgray is an Irish/Turkish photographer who moved to Denmark 3 years ago. He loves exploring his adopted home and strange places around the globe.

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