The Danes love smørrebrød

Young Danish chefs have breathed new life into the famous open sandwich, Smørrebrød, which dates back to the 19th century. Now Danes are hungrier than ever for their traditional lunch.

Smorrebrod lunchbox

Heaped treats 

These heaped rye bread treats were popular with everyone from farmers and factory workers to the lavish urban elite, one hundred years ago. Until recently, Smørrebrød had fallen slightly out of fashion, but new trends in Denmark to focus on traditional dishes and ingredients have brought the handy lunch item back on the menu.

Smorrebrod salmon

Record-breaking smørrebrød: Ida Davidsen

Restaurant Ida Davidsen is one of Denmark's most famous Smørrebrød restaurants. Located right next to Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, there's a good chance you'll end up sampling Ida's famous smørrebrød at a table next to Danish celebrities or royalty. Her restaurant has the world's longest menu, according to the Guiness Book of Records, and includes many specialities named after famous Danes. 


Smørrebrød at home and abroad!

Nowadays, you can even get smørrebrød in New York City. A whole new generation have fallen in love with the no-frills concept of bread and a mouth-watering variety of toppings spilling over. You can sample tradition smørrebrød in countless cafés, pubs and restaurants across Denmark and many places are offering healthier options. So pile up the herring, sausage, egg, pate and pork and have fun finding your favourite smørrebrød!

Happy chef

Smørrebrød on your phone

You can even get smørrebrød on your phone with VisitDenmark's smørrebrød app. The app allows you to explore smørrebrød from A-Å, find recipes and locate the best smørrebrød spots in Copenhagen. 

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