Food in Copenhagen: An Insider's Guide

It’s no secret that people are flocking to Copenhagen just to eat and drink their way around it. Over the past few years, the Danish capital has blossomed into a foodie utopia, brimming with cool restaurants, hygge cafes, and trendy bars. But it’s not only the New Nordic and Michelin superstars drawing the crowds. The city is bursting with craft bakers, beekeepers, hidden wine bars, chocolatiers and pizzaolos on bikes. As some of the top dogs when it comes to knowledge of Copenhagen’s food scene, we asked Mad About Copenhagen to select a few places in our delicious capital city that you might not know about yet. So take notes and get your bookmarks ready, here are some of the top places to eat and drink in the Danish capital right now!

Juno the Bakery

Only a week after opening in Østerbro, the queue outside Juno was already long and seemingly never-ending. It’s calmed down a little bit now, but the little Swedish bakery still has people traveling from far and wide to sample their excellent cardamom buns, almond croissants, and fresh-outta-the-oven sourdough bread. It’s worth the trip, and worth the queue! 



Ancestrale is the perfect wine bar to while away an evening with friends, playing one of their amusing board games, sipping on incredible wine, and snacking as you go. Patrick and Johann (pictured) met working at Ved Stranden 10 and they’re seriously good at finding the perfect wine for you. 



Balderdash is one of the most individual and interesting cocktail bars in Copenhagen. Geoffrey, the owner, approaches cocktails like a scientist and an artist simultaneously. You'll often find him in his laboratory, concocting all sorts of bizarre scents and liquids, for use in his cocktails (they aren't just weird - they taste great, too)! 


Anker Chokolade

There is chocolate, and then there is Anker Chokolade. Mikkel and Martin make the most interesting chocolate in the city and have already opened their second shop after just a year of being open. Their “menu” changes seasonally and uses local ingredients where possible. The chocolates pictured here are made with white chocolate, Danish apples, browned butter and vanilla. 



Ice cream doesn’t get much better than this. Anders, the owner, loves to experiment with flavours like miso caramel and toasted rice, their chocolate sorbet is possibly the closest to “true chocolate” you’ll ever get, and they also make wonderful coffee, granola, and pastries. A total gem and a great sun spot if you’re lucky enough to get sun! 



We’re obsessed with this dish from Mangia. Plin pasta full of roast meat (rabbit, pork and beef) and doused in gravy. The restaurant itself is the kind of place where minor celebrities are often spotted sipping Apérol and soaking up the last rays of sun on the benches outside. 


Kødbyens Høker 

Kødbyens Høker is a small shop/café hidden behind the meatpacking district. It’s mainly frequented by industry regulars and people who work in the area, who stop by for to get a coffee or a loaf of bread. For those in the know, there are occasionally grill parties on Friday evenings, where they make some of the best burgers and flæskestegssandwiches (roast pork sandwiches) in the city. 


La Banchina

Location is key, and La Banchina has one of the best! A little blue hut perched on edge of the water, grassy banks with wooden tables, floating platforms jutting out on to the habour. In the summer, people lounge around, sipping wine and hopping into the water for a refreshing dip. In the winter, people cosy up inside, or spend some time alternating between the sauna and the ice cold water! 

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