Getting to Denmark by coach or car

Getting to Denmark by Coach or Car

Denmark sits near the top of Europe and is connected to the continent via Germany, making Denmark an easy destination to reach during a self-drive holiday in the European continent. With the recently constructed Øresund bridge connecting Sweden to Denmark, it is now also possible to go via car or coach to the rest of Scandinavia and beyond.


After DFDS closed it route to Denmark on 29 September 2014, the best way to do self-drive holidays in Denmark is is by driving through Europe or fly & drive. Below, the different ferry routes connecting the United Kingdom with the European continent are outlined, complemented with estimated driving time from ferry port to Denmark.

Fly & Drive

Denmark is well served by airports and more than 200 flights arrive in Denmark from the UK every week, making it easy to reach Denmark by air and then rent a car upon arrival.

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