The Great Outdoors

Denmark is surrounded by ocean and white, sandy beaches. The landscape is flat with small hills and it offers great possibility to go explore the nature by bike or car. Find out how LEGOLAND Billund Resort combines fun family holidays with beautiful nature.

The Wadden Sea National Park 

Try an unusual experience at Wadden Sea National Park

On the West Jutland coast the Wadden Sea National Park, which received UNESCO World Heritage status in 2014, is one of Denmark's most ecologically important areas as a home to birds, seals and native oysters. At low tide up to 700 seals fill the sandbanks on Sønderho beach on the island of Fanø and can be observed from the deck of a harbour cruise. Guided tours such as forage excursions for fresh oysters and to see the ‘Black Sun’ can also be arranged.

Family friendly beaches

LEGOLAND Billund Resort is uniquely situated with the North Sea to its left and the Baltic Sea to its right. Along the coast you are greeted with white beaches, with those along the North Sea being some of the best in Northern Europe. Whereas the west coast beaches are perfect for conquering the waves and building gigantic sand castles, some may prefer the shallow waters of the Baltic Sea. For this head to the east coast, where you will find perfect stretches of sand and sea for families with small children.

Whale Watching

Go whale watching

Lillebælt has one of the highest concentrations of whales in the world, where you can experience the little whale – the porpoise – close up. The porpoise (marsvin in Danish red.), which can live for 25 years, can grow up to 2 meters in length and weigh up to 60 kg. The porpoises are fairly fast and some species have adapted to diving at great depths.

Since medieval times, Middelfart has been home to a porpoise hunters guild, which operated a well-organised hunt, where the porpoises were driven into the shallow waters of Gamborg Fiord at Svinø. Up to 1,000 animals a year could be caught there. The main reason for hunting the animals was to boil off their blubber for use as lamp oil. The porpoise hunters’ guild was disbanded in 1898, and the porpoise became a protected species in 1967. Go to Lillebælt for your chance to catch a glimbse of them up close. 

Family on a bike 

Explore nature on two wheels

Hop on your bike and discover nature first hand. Smell the flowers and the sea, hear the birds twitter and stay close to wildlife. LEGOLAND Billund Resort offers various cycling routes for whatever suits your needs. Bike through Hannerup Forest and Fulglsang Forest and relax with a picnic under the trees afterwards. 

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