Historical Denmark

Denmark is steeped in a rich and diverse history, just waiting to be discovered. Come and find your own Viking treasures, try a trip in a Viking longboat or walk amongst ancient rune stones and burial mounds. The impressive legacy of Denmark's long, regal past also awaits you, in the many Danish castles and manor houses open to the public. For children, there are hundreds of history museums with interactive exhibits and living museums outdoors. So step back in time and venture into the history of Denmark.

Frederiksborg Castle

12 stunning castles in Denmark

The fantastic Danish castles grant you a chance to get close to Danish history and the Royal family of both past and present.

Jellinge Monuments

World Heritage Sites in Denmark

Visit one of Denmark's seven Wolrd Heritage Sites.

Denmark history

The History of Denmark

Vikings were just the beginning! Get to know Denmark's rich history.

Hans Christian Andersen

In Hans Christian Andersen's footsteps

You have most likely of Hans Christian Andersen and come to love many of his timeless characters, such as The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling. But what about the man himself?

Maritime heritage Denmark

Maritime Heritage

It’s easy to get out onto the water and experience real Danish maritime history for yourself. We have collected some great places to discover Denmark’s history on the high seas.

Viking stone circle

Prehistoric Denmark

From fascinating carvings to fully-preserved prehistoric corpses, Denmark's ancient origins are visible in many places and are just waiting to be experienced.

Trail of the Vikings

On the trail of the Vikings

Follow this easily accessible route around the country and piece together the Viking history of Denmark.

Vikings in Denmark

Viking events

There are many places in the country where you can not only visit Viking ruins and monuments, but also take part in thrilling Viking events and re-enactments. So grab a helment and prepare for battle!