On the trail of the Vikings

Follow this easily accessible route around the country and piece together the Viking history of Denmark.

Viking valkyrie

National Museum (Nationalmuseet), Copenhagen

A great place to start your Viking trail across Denmark. Learn all about Denmark’s distant past and see priceless treasures such as Viking jewellery, coins, weapons and rune stones. Afterwards, head to Restaurant Valhal in Tivoli Gardens and sample their Viking menu, right at the heart of the theme park!

Viking ship museum, Roskilde

Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

Next stop is Roskilde, only 30km south west of Copenhagen. The Viking Ship Museum lies on beautiful Roskilde Fjord and contains five completely reconstructed Viking longboats, built from salvaged wrecks from the Fjord itself. See their film telling the fascinating story of the salvage and restoration.

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Viking Denmark

Danish Vikings

The merciless ancient Danes that still strike fear into the hearts of people around the world.