Viking Denmark

A thousand years ago, the Vikings forced themselves onto the world stage and left an indelible mark on many parts of Europe. Denmark, their homeland, has been shaped by Viking culture and here are some of the places you can see this most strikingly.

Rune stones, Jelling

Denmark’s Birth Certificate

Jelling, in Jutland, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can walk amongst thousand-year-old rune stones, put in place by Viking kings and still standing between enormous burial mounds. On one of the largest stones, you can read an inscription by King Harald Bluetooth. This national birth certificate claims that he united Denmark and brought Christianity to the new kingdom. The visitors’ centre, Royal Jelling, takes you through the history of the monuments over 1000 years, while the Prehistoric Museum at Moesgård contains many more fascinating Viking rune stones.

Lindholm Høje

Viking monuments

Denmark is covered with Viking monuments. The Ladby Ship (Ladbyskibet) on Funen (Fyn) is a Viking ship in which a Viking chieftan was buried with all his precious possessions. Also on Funen, is the Glavendrup rune stone, which displays Denmark’s longest Viking inscription. You can also visit the vast ship-shaped Viking burial mounds in the area. At Lindholm Høje, near Aalborg, you can wander around the biggest ancient burial ground in Scandinavia. Take a tour of all Denmark’s Viking treasures, with our Viking trail across the country.

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Viking Denmark

Danish Vikings

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