The Vikings are Back!

More than 1,200 years ago the Vikings invaded England – now they’re back and taking over St Katharine Docks in the heart of London from 6 – 8 August.
Wednesday, July 18, 2012

IMAGINATION – Discover the Danish Spirit

is a fantastic 17 day showcase celebrating the best of Danish culture, lifestyle, food and design. VisitDenmark welcomes you to discover what Denmark has to offer between 27 July – 12 August at St Katharine Docks in the heart of London. Vikings are an important part of Denmark’s cultural heritage - Join us and feel the presence of history. There will be plenty of activities, shows, music, food and Viking wisdom for everybody.

Setting sails in London city

IMAGINATION is not just a come and look event. You will be able to get up close and personal with the Danish Vikings and get a chance to see, hear, smell, taste and feel what it was like to live as a real Viking. 25 authentic Vikings are bringing the old Nordic sagas to life when they come to London bringing their favourite means of transportation, a 17.3 metre long replica of the Viking ship, Helge Ask.

The ship will be fully equipped, armed and ready for its next expedition. Throughout the 17 days visitors are invited onboard to imagine how it must have been to cross oceans in search of new lands.

"We are very pleased to be part of the IMAGINATION project and we are looking forward to welcome visitors to experience the Viking spirit, which is such an important part of Denmark's cultural heritage. It is our intention to show everyone that Denmark is the Viking destiNATION by bringing the visitors back in time to the age of the Vikings.”
- Sanne Jakobsen, Project Manager of Cultural Tourism, VisitEastDenmark

The legend of the great Beowulf 6-8 August

For 3 days, the Vikings will set up camp and take over Marble Quay in St Katharine Docks with Norse mythology, runes, swords and lots of Viking fun. The tales will revolve around the notorious Viking hero Beowulf, who according to legend deriving from royal circles in East Anglia, saved a Danish King by slaying a vicious monster. The area will be buzzing with activities related to Beowulf and visitors can experience street theatre and re-enactments, grapple with rope pulling and even witness Erik the Viking Tattooist perform his traditional art on a brave Viking.

You may not know it, but the Vikings were adventurous explorers and clever tradesmen. At St Katharine Docks you can discover the more sophisticated side of the Vikings, when they walk a Viking catwalk to show off the latest in Viking fashion. Or find out what drags a Viking to the dance floor when the Viking band “The Ulvsborg Musicians” perform daily concerts. Visitors can also learn about the Vikings’ excellent handicraft skills when they forge weapons and tools, cast tin and coins, plait rope and build ships.

Don’t miss out when the past meets the present in the centre of London. There will be lots of photo opportunities and you will make use of all your senses when the Danish Vikings take over the IMAGINATION area at St Katharine Docks 6-8 August.

They say that the Danes are the happiest people in the world, so come along and join us and find out why!

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Spotlight days

27 July: Opening Ceremony

27 – 29 July: Imagine a world of food

30 July - 3 August: Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale world

4 - 5 August: LEGO® activities, the world's favourite toy!

6 – 8 August: The Vikings are coming!

9 - 12 August: Performing Arts: Showdance, Hip Hop and Rock ’n’ Roll

Press contacts

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mobile: 07776 424 330

For latest IMAGINATION news and to arrange interviews:

Kathrine Lind Gustavussen, Press Officer, VisitDenmark UK & Ireland
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Steffen Zeuthen Therkildsen, Press Trainee, VisitDenmark UK & Ireland
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All eyes will be on London this summer which gives a unique chance to show the UK and the rest of the world the best and the variety of what Denmark can offer anyone thinking of visiting the country as a tourist.

IMAGINATION is not a come-and-watch event, instead it will be a place for a fun day out where visitors can engage in the activities, try and buy and have some fun whilst finding out about Denmark, from its Viking past to its green and environmentally friendly nation of today.