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Authentic Vikings, chefs juggling their pans and the world’s largest LEGO® wind turbine will turn when HRH Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark cuts the ribbon to IMAGINATION, VisitDenmark’s ambitious 17 day festival celebrating the best of Danish culture, lifestyle, food and design. The event is free for all, so come discover what Denmark has to offer between 27 July – 12 August at St Katharine Docks right next to Tower Bridge.
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

27 - 29 July: A country of good taste

For the last three years, Denmark has been home to the best restaurant in the world, and we are kicking off our showcase by giving you a taste of the Danish cuisine. Expect experimental cooking shows by chefs from Danish top restaurants and an area shrouded with luscious smells. There will be lots of tastings and throughout the 17 days you will also get a chance to enjoy a free Danish hot dog – and maybe down it with probably the best beer in the world - – so don’t think you will be going home feeling hungry.

“We have created an event called IMAGINATION – Discover the Danish Spirit, and this is exactly what we want people to do through the 4 main themes: Vikings, food, design and tourism,” project manager Peter Krusborg explains. Director of VisitDenmark UK Henrik Kahn adds: “We just want people to have a different experience, a fun and relaxed day where they can be part of something and do something a bit different than the usual museum visits, which most visitors will end up doing.”

30 July - 3 August: A fairy tale country

Various things might pop up when non-Danes think of Denmark, but it is probably safe to say that Hans Christian Andersen, author of “The Ugly Duckling” and many other fairy tales, is one of them. So, of course, his enchanting tales will be represented at IMAGINATION. Children and adults will get a chance to visit the famous writer’s magical universe when a Hans Christian Andersen pavilion offers live fairy tale performances of some of his most beloved fairy tales. You and your children can also join us when we put together the giant Hans Christian Andersen jigsaw puzzle or you can let your kids enjoy some of that magical fairy tale atmosphere with face painting and costumes. You can also choose to simply sit back and do some colouring or enjoy a movie in the tranquil settings of the Docks.

“We are thrilled to be part of the IMAGINATION project and we look forward to sharing the best from the Danish Island of Funen, the home of Hans Christian Andersen who gave us wonderful stories, like The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen and many other magic fairy tales. Come join us at our colourful world with fairy tale fun for everyone who enjoys a good story.” - Carsten V. Nielsen, Head of Tourism, Udvikling Fyn.

4 - 5 August: Building a country brick by brick

LEGO® bricks originate from Denmark, and like fairy tales, they too represent a vital part of every Dane’s childhood. Therefore, the colourful bricks will of course also be part of the IMAGINATION area, where a complete LEGO replica of the sports venues from in and around London will be displayed. Guests will also get a chance to practice their own building skills by helping out creating a life-size LEGO mosaic of Danish painter P.S. Krøyer’s famous painting, Hip Hip Hurra. Or use your imagination and show off your own little masterpiece. There will be plenty of creative play and competitions and throughout the 17 days you can also see the world’s tallest LEGO wind turbine build of more than 165.000 LEGO bricks. The giant turbine will stand as a symbol of the “green” thinking in Denmark.

6 - 8 August: Home of the Vikings

They might have been less popular in medieval times, but nowadays Vikings are a sure hit wherever and whenever they show up on British ground, and a score of them will therefore be paying IMAGINATION a visit. From August 6-8, the Vikings will set up camp and take over Marble Quay in St Katharine Docks with Norse mythology, runes, swords and lots of Viking wisdom.

The tales will revolve around the notorious Viking hero Beowulf, who according to legend deriving from royal circles in East Anglia, saved a Danish King by slaying a vicious monster. The area will be buzzing with activities related to Beowulf and visitors can experience street theatre and re-enactments, grapple with rope pulling and even witness Erik the Viking Tattooist perform his traditional art on a brave Viking.

The Viking activities will evolve around the dedicated Viking days, but they will be present throughout the event as two of them have arrived with Denmark’s second largest replica of a historic Viking ship, Helge Ask. The 17.3 metre long and fully armed and equipped ship will be moored in the dock all 17 days, and visitors are invited aboard to imagine how it must have felt to cross turbulent seas in the search of new land.

Be a part of the Danish spirit

Throughout the period you will also get a chance to experience the best of Danish design when we bring in a mix of Danish products as well as a sustainable Danish houseboat to the heart of London. The Pandora pop-up shop and the designer gift shop offer a wealth of Danish design, so you can take home your own little part of Denmark. We even fly in musicians and dancers from Denmark to make the area vibrate and give you a taste of Danish rhythm. Among the bands is the Tivoli Boys Gard from Tivoli Gardens, one of the world’s oldest and most magical amusement parks, who will be sure to bring festivity to the Docks when they parade through the area on August 27th.

This is not simply a come-and-look event. It is a fun and interactive event, where you can try out new things, tickle your senses and be inspired by everything Denmark has to offer. VisitDenmark welcomes everybody to use your imagination and experience Denmark and its people.

They say that the Danes are the happiest people in the world, so come along and join us and find out why!

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Spotlight days

27 July: Opening Ceremony

27 – 29 July: Imagine a world of food

30 July - 3 August: Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale world

4 - 5 August: LEGO® activities, the world's favourite toy!

6 – 8 August: The Vikings are coming!

9 - 12 August: Performing Arts: Showdance, Hip Hop and Rock ’n’ Roll


Opening hours:

Every day from 11.00 am - 10.00 pm
Special opening hours:
27 July: Open to midnight
28 July: Open until 11 pm
12 August: Open until 11.30 pm

St Katharine Docks is located a short walk from Tower Hill station as well as Tower Gateway and London Bridge station.

Press Contact

For latest IMAGINATION news and to arrange interviews:

Kathrine Lind Gustavussen, Press Officer, VisitDenmark UK & Ireland
direct phone: 020 7201 3970