Local inspiration

Meetovation includes unique and original environments and local attractions. The sense of authenticity helps delegates open their minds and better appreciate and remember where they spent their time.

Below you find tools and inspiration to incorporate local inspiration into your meeting.


Make your own film about Denmark

Make your own film from all the inspiring clips of Denmark and imagine how you can integrate them in your meetings. Or inspire your meeting participant before the meeting by giving them a glimse of what they will expirience during their meeting in Denmark.

Meetings in Denmark

Spice up your meeting with a local speaker

Danmark offers a vide range of experienced, talented, and inspirational speakers that can spice up your meeting. Wether it's Business, Health, Culture, Economics, Marketing or Motivation - we have the speaker you are looking for. 

Meetings in Denmark

Seduce your meeting participants with New Nordic Cuisine

Denmark is known as Scandinavia's gourmet capital, with twelve Michelin-starred restaurants. Why not treat your meeting participant to food from the world's best chef or take them to dinner at the world's best restaurant, noma.

Meetings in Denmark

Spice up your meeting with great images of Denmark

At DenmarkMediaCenter you find more than 3000 amazing photos from Denmark. Why not use some of them to spice up the invitation to or presentation at your next meeting in Denmark?