Nature, Raabjerg Mile

Natural Skagen

Skagen is at the mercy of the elements, reflected in the ever-changing nature. Millennia of sand drifts have encroached on the mainland and continue to cover the landscape in new dunes, making it a raw, uncompromising and invigorating place to explore.

The wild winds and waves shape the landscape and dictate the lives of both the humans and animals inhabiting the area.

Raabjerg Mile

Wandering dunes
At Råbjerg Mile you can experience Northern Europe’s largest wandering sand dunes, moving at around 15m per year straight across the tip of Skagen, laying to waste anything in its path.


Meeting of seas
Grenen in Skagen is Denmark’s northern-most point, and marks where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meets. Experience the fresh ocean breeze with a foot in each sea!

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Skagen Museum

Cultural Skagen

Skagen is the birthplace of the Skagen Painters, an artistic enclave that appeared in the area at the end of the 19th century.