kite in South Jutland

Natural experiences in South Jutland

Walk, hike or ride through seemingly endless, open landscape in this atmospheric part of Denmark.

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Coastal walks

The West of South Jutland is dominated at the coast by the Wadden Sea and never-ending views of the vast marshland. You can walk in and around the grazing areas created for sheep and cattle, with high dikes that hold back tidal waters. At Tønder Marsh, you can get up close to the locks which control the flood defences in the area.


The Military Road

The East of this part of Denmark is more hilly and punctuated by fjords and valleys created by the last ice age. These geographical features create wonderful walking areas, such as Tunnel Valley by Haderslev, Kongeådalen valley near Vejen and beautiful lakes near Jels. Saddle up and see the area on its many cycle routes, such as the Military Road (Hærvejen), Denmark’s longest.

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South Jutland

South Jutland

As Denmark’s historic borderland, South Jutland is rich in opposing histories and unique culture. You will find South Jutland to be an interesting area with a long history.