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West Sealand: Natural experiences

Explore the hilly landscape covering West Sealand and the ancient burial mounds and other remnants of the past hidden there.


Stunning views

You will witness a very special light when the weather is clear at Odsherred, a peninsula jutting out into the mouth of Isefjord. From here, you can see beautiful views as far as the eye can see. 



Near Havnsø, at the bottom of Nekselø Bay, you find Sealand's largest moorland, Vesterlyng. Vesterlyng is protected, but you can swim at its lovely beach and walk around the parts open to the public.

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West Sealand

West Sealand

Travelling around the region of West Sealand, you’ll experience a landscape full of contrast, from green hills and high cliffs, to beaches, islands and long Viking fjords.