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At the very top of Denmark sits North Jutland, a windswept region known for its special light, a rich artistic history, and a close connection with the land and sea that surrounds it. We asked Instagrammers @kim.ou and @hal_haines to take a road trip through the region. Want to see what they liked best? Was it the surprisingly large cow or the former lighthouse crumbling into the sea? Keep reading.

Hej! @hal_haines and @kim.ou here. We took over VisitDenmark's Instagram account as we road tripped around North Jutland, starting off our journey with a quick stop here in Aalborg.



The rules to a great road trip by @kim.ou: 
1 - Be confident in your u-turns skills. You’ll need to do a lot of those.
2 - Make awesome playlists. Also, note that the driver ALWAYS picks the music.
3 - Stop a lot. As often as your eyes catch something along the side of the road. You’ll regret it otherwise.
4 - Stock up on a lot of snacks as soon as the occasion presents itself and bring along some emergency food in case restaurants are closed when you’re finished driving.
5 - If you're not up for splitting the driving, get yourself a road trip companion able to edit your shots, just like @hal_ellis_davis did on this one.



Good morning from Skagen! @hal_ellis_davis here exploring the northern coast with @kim.ou. How surreal is this? Set back from the road amidst some woodland the ‘Sand-Covered Church’ sits in its own tiny desert, after being buried following 200 years of sand drifts. Today only the tower remains visible!



Rubjerg Knude is really a place like no other. Probably one of my favourite sights of the whole weekend though there’s so many to choose from. The landscape surrounding the lighthouse makes you feel like you are on another planet, there on a cliff of sand with the sea at your feet. The sea is eating the sand away, and the lighthouse will have to be moved in the coming 2 years so it doesn’t fall in the sea!



@kim.ou (say moo) here! So far during our road trip in northern Denmark, @hal_ellis_davis and I have encountered:
- 653 489 cows
- 1908 windmills
- 4267 potatoes for sale signs.

Denmark is full of wonderful surprises!



God eftermiddag @hal_ellis_davis here, sharing photos from our road trip through North Jutland. @kim.ou and I left our hotel in Skagen at 4 am to drive up to Grenen, the northernmost point of Denmark, fuelled by a quick breakfast of vending machine coffee and cereal bars. As the sun came up, Skagen's Grey Lighthouse turned red and orange as it was bathed in the morning light.



God Aften @kim.ou here, closing our series from our unforgettable road trip along the roads of North Jutland with @hal_ellis_davis. I can’t even start to describe all of the amazing sceneries we’ve seen, and how much we fell in love with Denmark. Here is one from our last morning in Grenen, witnessing the most amazing sunrise ever. Thanks so much for following along with us!


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@kim.ou and @hal_haines

@hal_haines and @kim.ou

Hal makes documents - working as a photographer, writing or illustrating - making a record of the world through his eyes. He loves to explore new places, see new things and most importantly eat new things, starting from his home in Glasgow, Scotland, and seeing where he can end up.

Kim is a 26 years old travel photographer, originally from Switzerland, based in the UK. Kim specialises in road trip photography and feels at home on the road with an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

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If you are spending your holiday in Denmark, why not look to the North? In North Jutland in Denmark will find many ideas for a great holiday. It's the place where to seas meet, where artists settled in the 1800's and where you and your family can relax and have fun in beautiful surroundings.

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