Skagen is part artistic bohemia, part fishing industry and part natural beauty. Danish and international artists have lived and worked here since the 19th century, largely drawn here by the fascinating and constantly changing light and the varied landscapes. Skagen is also a haven for seafood enthusiasts, and the picturesque settings offer plenty of opportunity for relaxation and recreation.

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Attractions in Skagen, Vesterby

Attractions in Skagen

Wandering dunes have shaped Skagen for centuries. The effects of the constant shifting of sand can be seen clearly at Saint Laurence church, also known as the Buried Church.

Nature, Raabjerg Mile

Natural Skagen

Skagen is at the mercy of the elements, reflected in the ever-changing and stunning nature.

Skagen Museum

Cultural Skagen

Skagen is the birthplace of the Skagen Painters, an artistic enclave that appeared in the area at the end of the 19th century.