Transport in Copenhagen

Getting to and around Copenhagen is easy, fast and convenient. Buses, trains, metro, bicycles, taxis, even harbour buses - there are plenty of modes of transport to choose from when navigating across the capital. This means you can fit in many more sights and experiences in a weekend in Copenhagen than would be possible in many other destinations.

CPH airport

Getting to Copenhagen

Copenhagen Airport is modern and quick, and best of all, you can go from airport arrivals to the centre of town in less than 15 minutes!

The quickest route from the airport to the city centre is via train or metro. Take the train if you want to head to Copenhagen Central Station, or jump on the metro if you want to go to the equally central Nørreport Station. Both journeys should take around 15 minutes.


Public Transport

Public transport in Copenhagen is efficient, safe and practical. Getting from A to B is easy and because of the city's relatively small size, it won't eat too much of your precious holidaying time. Most ticket types can be used on all forms of public transport in and around the capital, including metro, rail, buses and harbour buses. The Copenhagen public transport network is operating 24 hours a day, with special train, metro and bus services covering the night and early hours.

If you're only in Copenhagen for a few days, there are different types of tickets to choose from. The greater Copenhagen area is divided into zones that determine your cost of travel. Sales of the klippekort stopped the 8 February 2015, as the klippekort is being phased out in Copenhagen. However, it is still possible to use the klippekort until the 30 June 2015.

Instead of the klippekort, it is possible to buy various tickets and travel cards such as a single ticket, Flexcard 7-days, 24-hour ticket, Copenhagen card and a City Pass. These can be purchased at machines or DSB ticket offices at most stations or via the internet or your mobile phone.

If you don't want to worry about calculating zones and time, the so-called City Pass may be a perfect solution for you. They are available in 24 hour and 72 hour versions, and allow for unlimited travel in zones 1 to 4 for the designated period. You simply stamp your City Pass the first time you use public transport in Copenhagen, and it will be your valid travel ticket until the 24 hours or 72 hours have passed. The CityPass can be purchased as a ticket on your mobile phone (via app or internet) or in DSB ticket offices.

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