North Sealand

North Sealand is a holiday favourite with Danes and not just because of its close proximity to Copenhagen. North Sealand offers you lakes, deep woodland and green open landscapes, perfect for walking, cycling and camping. For a couple holiday, try the Love on a Bike Theme. North Sealand is fringed by calm coastline where you can dip in some of Denmark’s best coastal swimming areas. 

The drive or train ride north into the region winds along the beautiful Oresund coast, giving you views across to Sweden. The massive Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord define the West of the region, while the famous Kronborg Castle, immortalised in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, sits proud at the North in the town of Elsinore. 

Hamlet's Castle, Kronborg, Self drive holiday Denmark

Kronborg Castle - Home of Hamlet

Go visit Denmark's most famous castle, Kronborg in Helsingør (Elsinore), also known as Hamlet's Castle in Shakespeare's play.


Beaches and natural adventures

Enjoy an easy-to-get-to region dotted with lakes, fjords and forests and surrounded by sea.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

World-renowned Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana's collection of modern art has an international perspective and importance, and is really something to be experienced. 

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark. Photo: Hufton and Crow

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

Follow the sloping bridge down into the former dry dock between Kronborg Castle and The Culture Yard and enter a fabulous underground museum.

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Video: Royal North Sealand

Take a tourof Royal North Sealand and experience all the region has to offer. 

Kurhotel Skodsborg

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Find out why luxury Nordic spa hotel, Kurhotel Skodsborg, is a favourite getaway for Copenhageners.