South Sealand

South Sealand offers you the highest cliffs in the country, Møn’s Cliff (Møns Klint) and Stevn’s Cliff (Stevns Klint). These dramatic, white fortresses border the Baltic Sea and are a great place to hike. You can reach these natural phenomena easily by road. The rest of the area is characterised by open, green landscapes, beautiful beaches and bridges connecting South Sealand with the rustic islands of Falster, Lolland and Møn. The islands are popular holiday spots and it’s easy to see why. You’ll find great attractions, laid-back living and some of the best beaches in Sealand.


Natural experiences

Walks, fossil hunts and wildlife watching in the region of dramatic white cliffs and islands.

South Sealand beaches

Sea and beaches

South Zealand is a holiday-makers’ heaven, with an enormous number of sheltered, sandy beaches for you to choose from.

Smålandshavet Archipelago

The Smålandshavet Archipelago

The islands of the Smålandshavet Archipelago offer you everything from quiet cosiness and great fresh produce to relaxed beaches and outdoor activities.

South Sealand cuisine

Culinary specialties

A naturally produce-rich area. Tour the region's islands and farms to sample delicious Danish products.

Culture and heritage

A region packed with attractions, from castles, flower gardens and ancient church frescos to wildlife parks and amusements.

Møns Klint


Wondering what to do while in South Sealand? Check out this list of the region's highlights!