Viking History

Nothing connects Brits & Danes more than our common Viking heritage. LEGOLAND Billund Resort is home to some of the most important Danish Viking heritage. Bring your children along for a fun filled lesson in the life of the Viking.


Viking history in Ribe

No town in Denmark oozes Viking history quite like Ribe – the oldest town in the country. Take your family 1,300 years back in time and experience the ancient lifestyle of our common ancestors. Bring the children along to Ribe Viking Centre, grind flour at Tinghuset, participate in a Knight's tournament at Museet Ribes Vikinger and much more. The Vikings sure didn't lead a boring life, and you get to experience that!

Royal Jelling

Royal Jelling Monuments

Follow the Viking trails onwards to Jelling, on the resort's east cost near the town of Vejle, where Viking king Harald Bluetooth famously converted the Danes to Christianity – as sealed on the historic Rune stones which are still erect to this day. Next to the Jelling Monuments, you will find the interactive Royal Jelling Experience Centre, which takes your family on a captivating journey back in time. Especially the interactive game Journey to Valhalla is popular among the younger members of the family. In the centre Mythology Room, you will learn the story of Ragnarok (the Doom of the Gods). Venture to the roof terrace and gaze through the digital binocualrs to see what the impressive Viking structures looked like 100 or 1,000 years ago. 

Navigate the sky like a Viking

As you continue on your Viking adventure, stop by the town of Jels and visit Orion Planetarium. The exhibition 'The sky as a compass' focuses on the highly skilled navigation of the Viking and also tells the story of how the Norse mythology was linked to the night sky. Lean back inside the dome and experience the night sky above you, as you get the feeling of being in outer space.

Live like a viking 

Ribe VikingCenter - experience a day as a viking

At Ribe VikingCenter you can unleash your inner viking. Join in archery and warrior training, bake flatbread, go onboard a viking longboat and learn the traditional viking games. Tak a stroll through the marketplace in historical and authentic surroundings or go visit blacksmiths, the King's minter,  the lady of the house or the farmer and his animals. Also go visit the Jelling Monuments - home to the viking kings - and learn how the world's oldest monarchy trantisted from Valhalla warriors to modern christianity. 


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