Viking Yule Feast

Viking Yule

In the middle of January, the Vikings celebrated Jól or Yule. Yule is what later has evolved into today's Christmas, though the Danes still call it "Jul". The Vikings gathered for the celebration and ate good food, drank beer and exchanged gifts.

Viking Moesgaard

A toast with the gods

The Danish Vikings sacrificed and offered up goods and animals to the gods in order to conquer the darkness of winter. They then drank a toast for the year and for peace. The toast was very important and a beaker of beer was offered to the gods. Together the Vikings could then toast and drink, and by that thank each other and the gods for the past year and welcome the new.


Beer and pork 

The celebration was a series of feasts with beer and pork being consumed in large amounts. At the Norse god's feast in Valhalla, the pig Sæhrímnir serves the gods and the bravest Vikings, and eating pig was therefore central for the Vikings and their celebration.

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