West Jutland: Denmark's West Coast

If you’re looking for a holiday in a wild outdoors of dunes, heathlands and wind-blown beaches under open sky, West Jutland is the place for you. The coast is a dramatic landscape, shaped by The North Sea. However, it’s not far to the milder, hilly area around the Limfjord, dotted with small straits, bays and inlets. Take a break from the wind at West Jutland’s beautiful inland areas, with large forest plantations and fields. West Jutland is home to one of Denmark’s national parks, The Wadden Sea. This intertidal marshland is an excellent place to see birds and parts of this area are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Cities and Towns

West Jutland is typified by small harbour and fishing towns. The largest of these, Esbjerg, is a bustling port town. All of them are shaped by the maritime history of this historic area.

Culinary Specialties

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Natural Experiences

Dramatic dunes sweep inland to rolling hills and forests in this dynamic region.

Culture and Heritage

Just as West Jutland's landscape is dominated by the sea, so is its culture and heritage.


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The Wadden Sea National Park

An ecological treasure trove, this vast marshland expanse is teeming with wildlife.


You can’t beat South-West Jutland for birdwatching. So pack up your binoculars and head west!