West Zealand coast

West Sealand: Sea and beaches

Sheltered from the elements and tucked away on the Great Belt, West Sealand's coast is a calm and relaxed part of the country, perfect for family beach time.

Enjoy Denmark's calm, sheltered waters

West Sealand has a seemingly endless coastline. You can find many, family-friendly beaches with calm, shallow water along the Great Belt coast. Sejerø Bay on the Kattegat coast offers you some of Sealand’s best beaches, with fine, white sand and dunes.

Unique fjord beaches

Near Isefjord, salt meadows intermingle with great beaches and shallow waters. No matter what the direction of the wind, you can always find a sheltered spot on West Sealand.

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West Sealand

West Sealand

Travelling around the region of West Sealand, you’ll experience a landscape full of contrast, from green hills and high cliffs, to beaches, islands and long Viking fjords.