West Zealand

West Zealand is a big green bite out of Denmark’s largest island, Zealand. Travelling around the region, you’ll experience a landscape full of contrast, from green hills and high cliffs, to beaches, islands and long Viking fjords. West Zealand is a great place to visit different harbour and market towns and smaller villages that lie around the region. Many are located on pretty fjords. Spend time soaking up 1000 years of history at the region’s impressive cathedral city, Roskilde.


Towns and Villages

The cathedral city of Roskilde sits at the heart of this region, with a glorious royal and Viking past. The rest of the region is dotted with lovely country towns, each with their own special reasons to visit.

West Zealand landscape

Natural Experiences

Explore the hilly landscape covering West Sealand and the ancient burial mounds and other remnants of the past hidden there.

Viking market, Trelleborg

Culture and Heritage

With both artistic heritage, castles and historic walks, there is something to experience in West Sealand. 

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The World's Most Relaxing Film

Need of a bit relaxation? Then have a look at the world's most relaxing movie created by West Sealand's tourist organisation in collaboration with scientists, filmmakers and musicians.