Moesgaard Museum

Heritage of East Jutland

An ancient land, East Jutland sweeps you back through history, from Viking sights to 400 years BC, with the grizzly body of The Tollund Man in Silkeborg.


Museums galore

There are many excellent art museums to tempt you in East Jutland, most notably the striking ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus, housing both old and contemporary art. Also well worth a visit are Silkeborg Art Museum, with its large collection of Asger Jorn's CoBRA-paintings and Ebeltoft Glass Museum, featuring stunning Danish and international glass art. 

The Old Town

Walk back in time

At the enormous open-air museum of The Old Town in Aarhus, you get to live and breathe history, walking the streets of buildings dating as far back as the 17th century. Silkeborg Museum invites you to meet Tollundmanden – an incredibly well-preserved bog body from 400 BC. 


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East Jutland

East Jutland

A region that really has it all - fjord, beaches, forests and Denmark's second city Aarhus, just voted one of the world's happiest cities!