Funen cities and towns

Towns on Funen

From quaint harbour towns around the coast, to the historic city of Odense at its heart, Fyn is a great place to tour and experience unique Danish culture.


Odense is Fyn's main city and the third largest city in Denmark. It is first and foremost the birthplace and childhood home of fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen, and you can experience his world in two of the city's museums. Odense is located by a small river and a fjord and has a great variety of attractions. 


Kerteminde on North Fyn is known for Amanda, a small statue of a local fisher girl. It also boasts the Johannes Larsen Museum, built around the home of artist Johannes Larsen, one of the leading lights of the Fynboerne artists' movement. This movement, which takes its name from the inhabitants of the island, is known for its portrayal of nature and daily life at the beginning of the 20th century. Larsen and his wife Alhed, also a Fynbo painter, attracted many great painters and writers to their home. 


The old ferry town of Nyborg on the east coast of Fyn is now a bustling bridge town, at the foot of the Great Belt Bridge between Fyn and Zealand. The town's old castle is well worth a visit. 


Svendborg, on the south of Fyn, is home to the world's largest shipping company, A. P. Møller-Mærsk, which was founded in 1904. You can still feel the power of the area's past shipping history, particularly around the Maritime Centre, with its important collection of old wooden schooners. 


Faaborg, like Svendborg, has an extraordinarily beautiful location by the sea. The old town center is pure idyll and at Faaborg Museum you can see a great collection of works by Fynboerne painters.

Marstal and Ærøskøbing

On the island of Ærø, you’ll experience a real maritime atmosphere, thanks to the old shipping towns of Marstal and Ærøskøbing. Ærøskøbing is considered the pearl among the archipelago's towns, with cobbled stone streets and old houses with colorfully painted doors.

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