Top attractions in Aalborg

The city of Aalborg offers something for everyone, regardless of interests and budget. The ever evolving harbour area buzzes of cultural attractions, including the Utzon Centre, and it's a great place to walk and take in views of the city. Venture just a short way outside the city and you can enjoy ancient historical places like the viking site Lindholm Høje.

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Aalborg is a feast for the senses. A city of contrasts with relics from Viking times blending in with modern art and design.

North Jutland

Destination: North Jutland

If you are spending your holiday in Denmark, why not look to the North? In North Jutland in Denmark will find many ideas for a great holiday. It's the place where to seas meet, where artists settled in the 1800's and where you and your family can relax and have fun in beautiful surroundings.