Fjord and North Sea islands

Step back in time on islands without cars... or dogs!

Sea islands

On the island of Læsø out in the Kattegat, you can access large stretches of untouched nature and the island is almost entirely circled by wide beaches, with seal colonies and other wildlife. 

Fjord islands

The Limfjord islands of Mors and Fur are characterized by hilly landscapes and large clay cliffs which bear witness to more than 55 million years of geological history. On the island of Livø, you will find big old oak trees, mulberry bushes and seals at the sea edge. The island is both car and dog free and you can access it via a small passenger ferry. 

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North Jutland

North Jutland

North Jutland is beautifully situated at the very top of Denmarks Jutland peninsula. The region is has stunning scenery and is also home to the multi-faceted northern city of Aalborg.