Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen

Craft Beer in Copenhagen

When you think of Danish beer, what do you think of? Carlsberg? Maybe Tuborg? These classic pilsner brands are no doubt part of the Danish cultural fabric, but in the last decade the Danish craft beer scene has grown faster than a strain of wild yeast in a hoppy IPA. Nowhere in Denmark is that more true than in Copenhagen.

Guide to Danish Events for New Year in Copenhagen

Where to Spend New Year's Eve 2017 in Copenhagen

Celebrate New Year 2017 with a bang in Copenhagen! As one of the world's most vibrant and fun-loving cities, there's no better place to raise a glass to fond memories and welcome exciting new adventures.

Find Bib Gourmands in Denmark

In addition to many great Michelin-starred restaurants, you can find a growing list of Bib Gourmand restaurants in Denmark. The Bib Gourmand is an international award provided to high-quality restaurants with reasonable prices.

Denmark's national food

The Official National Dish of Denmark: Crispy Pork with Parsley Sauce

'Stegt flæsk' - an all time Danish favourite

Do Denmark for less!

Budget holiday in Denmark

Denmark is perfect for budget travel. The country is full of cheap and free experiences for every taste. Most places operate with free admission so it’s not just the beaches and urban areas that are free to enjoy. So if you want to take a budget trip to Denmark, here you’ll find inspiration for travelling on the cheap, including cheap dining and cheap accommodation. Do Denmark for less!

Try some of the best food in Denmark

Michelin-starred restaurants in Denmark

New Nordic cuisine has really boosted Denmark's status as gourmet food capital of Scandinavia, and Denmark is home to 31 Michelin Stars at 26 star-studded restaurants. You can read all about Denmark's Michelin-starred restaurants in the recently published Michelin Nordic Cities Guide. If you'd like to eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant on your holiday in Denmark, you can select one you fancy from this list of restaurants which have all received between one and three stars. 

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Taste Denmark

Vegetables Nordic Cuisine

More than cabbage sausage and rib broths

Image from Falsled kro


Gourmet Denmark


Denmark has been called the epicentre of true Nordic cuisine. Enjoy a lunch or dinner at some of the best restaurants located on Zealand, Funen and Jutland.

Noma 2018. Photo Credit - Jason Loucas

Noma – one of the world’s best restaurants


noma: best restaurant in the world?

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