The Smålandshavet Archipelago

The islands of the Smålandshavet Archipelago offer you everything from quiet cosiness and great fresh produce to relaxed beaches and outdoor activities.

Jazz and fruit!

Visit Denmark’s number one place for fruit production, the island of Fejø. Femø island nearby is famous for its traditional jazz festival. You’ll be amazed to see that on the small island of Askø, no point is higher than four metres above sea level.

Active breaks

There are numerous bike hire options on the islands. Check with your local tourist office for details. It's also a great place to hike around, with gentle terrain and lots of great sight. Stop off and try fruit at farm produce stalls along the way!

Getting there and away

You can catch ferries to Fejø and Femø from Kragenæs on Lolland and a small ferry to Askø from Bandholm.

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