Møns Klint

South Sealand: Natural experiences

The southern coast of Sealand island is dominated by Møns Klint, the highest cliffs in the country and a fantastic place to get out walking. Take in views of the Baltic Sea and rolling landscape of South Sealand and visit Denmark's newest UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stevns Klint, only an hour from Copenhagen.

Møns Klint

Møns Klint (Cliffs)

Møns Klint is an unmissable experience when you are in South Sealand. The trails at the cliff top weave through woodland and are excellent hikes, offering you superb views out into the Baltic Sea. You might glance some of the region’s rare orchids on your hike here.

At GeoCenter Møns Klint, you can learn more about the formation of the cliffs and the fossils you’ve seen along the way. Inland from the cliffs, you’ll find more scenic hiking trails with views of the sea, through the Mandemarke Hills.

Stevns Klint

Stevns Klint - Denmark's newest World Heritage Site

The dramatic cliffs, Stevns Klint, are one of the world's most important fossil records. Here you can witness 65 million years of Earth's history, exposed by the unstoppable sea. Visit the precarious old Højerup Church, which partly collapsed from erosion in 1928.

Fossil hunters will love Stevns Klint. The nearby Faxe limestone quarry and Geomuseum gives you the chance to fossil hunt in earnest and learn more about the geological origins of the area.

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NEW! Dark Sky Area

Møn and nearby Nyord have been designated as Northern Europe's first Dark Sky Area. It's one of the best places in Europe to see the stars!

Kayak Møns Klint!

Did you know you can take in view of Møns Klint from the water? Hire kayaks from Møns Klint Resort and see the cliffs from a whole new angle!

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South Sealand

South Sealand

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